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International Prayer

Posted by Rev. Michele on September 12, 2010 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (2)

A recent tragic event occured in Barbados wherein two men robbed and fire-bombed the Campus Trenz store on  Tudor Street in Georgetown, September 3rd, which resulted in the death of six young ladies that were inside. On Friday, a special prayer went out across the Nation. Cars pulled to the side, people stopped where they were, people came together in unity for "three minutes of silence" in memory of those killed. Never had there been such a crime in Barbados.  Reported by The Nation News today, two men of interest are now in custody being questioned about this crime and several others. To read about this trageday, go online to, or


We want to acknowledge our sisters and brothers in Barbados and extend our prayers for their loss. Please take time today as you read this blog to extend a prayer for the families of: Kellisha Olliviere, Shanna Griffith, Pearl Cornelius, Kelly-Ann Welch, Tiffany Harding, Nikkita Belgrave. Their age ranged between 18 and 24.


While you are praying for Barbados, please continue to pray for our United States of America. Septermber 11, 2010 marked the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attack wherein nearly 3,000 persons perished when two planes were flown into the World Trade Center Towers One and Two.  The controversay over building an Islamic Mosque and Muti-cultural center near Ground Zero were the Twin Towers once stood. To add to the issue, a Floridian pastor threatened to bur stacks of the Koran on 9/11 in protest. God heard the prayers many and intervened. The pastor said, "Not now...not ever" after coming to New York and meeting with the Muslim leader responsbile for the mosque.  The concept that one man's actions could cause military threat to our troops remained in Iraq, and the nation at large, is/was frightening. But God intervened.


We are experiencing wild/brush fires in Staten Island, gasline explosions in California, destruction of landmark businesses by fire, and so many more incidents of travesty.  So we're praying!  God have mercy!  We know the Lord is soon to return because the signs are so present. In the meantime, we've got to keep praying.


I urge you, encourage you and emplore you to pray like never before. Souls need to be saved, souls need to be restored, hearts need to be healed, relationships need to be restored. God alone can do this for His people...His beloved...His creation. It is through His son, Jesus Christ, that we have healing, salvation, strength and help.  Our help comes from the Lord.  When we call upon His name, He will answer. So let us CALL UPON HIM NAME!  JESUS, JESUS, JESUS. 


God bless you, and continue to lift up this ministry before the Lord.  Thank you.

Rev. Michele

Intercessory Prayer for an Outreach Ministry

Posted by Rev. Michele on September 4, 2010 at 8:53 AM Comments comments (16)

I received this prayer on August 28, 2010. You are welcomed to post a comment and prayer. God bless.


Father God please sends your Holy Spirit and the power of the anointing into the Citadel House of Hope Outreach Ministry. Fill each member with your Holy Ghost. Please word my month as I preach the Holy gospel of Jesus of Christ. This ministry is going through a major crisis; we are having a problem finding a place to worship. We are also asking God to give us a building with office space for community service .We would need space for feeding the homeless and to give away clothes. Space to teach teens about personal hygiene and to help teenage mothers and young adults find employment; and teach them the word of God. There are not that many members, but this is a burn desire in our heart: Please send those who will pray and want to work in this area of ministry in Jesus name. Finance is need badly; please remember us in your prayers as we give our Tithes and offing. Lord save Ronald my son, and fill him with your Holy Spirit to work with me in the ministry. Thank you, Pastor. Jones


Praise God My Sister,


I believe and trust our heavenly Father to open the doors of opportunity for the Citadel to enable the ministry to enlarge its territory by acquiring a new building suitable for the outreach ministry needs. Lord, please provide the resources through the generosity of your people, grants, anonymous contributors, businessmen and women, family and friends. I pray that you will increase the ministry’s’ ability to serve the homeless by increasing the gift of helps in the members and the donations that will come. Father I also ask that you would bless my sister Sophia and the gift of ministry you have given her, the desire to serve the homeless and the willingness to follow your instructions for ministry. I pray your blessings upon her, her membership and the ministry. In the blessed name of Jesus, I thank you for what you have already done and what you are yet to do for this ministry. All praise, glory and honor belong to you. Thank you Lord God, Amen.

Remember Me

Posted by Rev. Michele on May 31, 2010 at 8:21 AM Comments comments (7)

Lord, when you come into your kingdom, remember me.


It's Memorial Day here in the US. Many are spending the day at a BBQ, visiting family, sharing good times and remembering loved one gone on. Particularly those brave men and women who have fought and died for our rights to freedom.


So today, I ask that while you are enjoying the delicious grilled feasts, the company of friends and family, the glorious splender of the warm sun beating down on your skin, take time to say a prayer for the families of fallen soldiers. And while you're at it, please take time to pray for the men and women on the battle field for The Lord.


God's army is marching forward into the kingdom of Satan in order to conquer the mountains of unforgiveness, religion, entetainment, government, education, family, business, poverty, immorality, sickness, spiritual weakness and so much more.


In your prayers today, please keep in mind the thief that hung on the cross next to our Savior. He recognized that in his brokenness, there was a man who preached about the Kingdom of God. This man, was without sin and didn't deserve to the thief did. But this thier believed that at the end of his life, there might possibly be life in the Kingdom of God. the Kingdom of which Christ preached. So he uttered these simple words, Lord when you come into your kingdom, remembe me.


Today I share these same words as a memorial. Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, you can ask for forgiveness. You can acknowledge Christ as the king of Kings and Lord of Lords. You can ask the Savior to remember you and receive the same response as the thief on the cross...Today, thou shalt be with me in paradise. 


Today, you can share a prayer of intercession for the worriers on the fields of Iraq, Afganistan, Somalia, and so many other countries that US soldiers are stationed. You can share a prayer of intercession for the worriers of God's army who are on the fields of many lands fighting spiritual battles as well as physical battles for the right to believe in Christ.  Today, you can ask God to REMEMBER his promises to every believer. Today, you can ask God to REMEMBER ME as you travel through life's journey into the Kingdom of God.


Grace and peace be multiplied.



Current events - Prayer

Posted by Rev. Michele on February 28, 2010 at 8:48 AM Comments comments (0)

Recent global events have a spawned serious need for prayer: The earthquake in Haiti that left hundreds of thousands of casualties, homeless and hungry; the tragic death of an animal trainer at Sea World Orlando Florida when the killer Orca whale mistook the trainer's ponytail for a toy and pulled her under; the earthquake in Chile just this weekend and the  tsunami watch from Russia to Hawaii;  power outages, loss of heat, and property damage due to severe weather conditions across the counrty; child sacrifice in Uganda (acts of witchcraft and vodoo with the belief that sacrificing a child will bring good fortune...exploitation of beliefs systems for financial gain) ... just to name a few events.


Some of us have also experienced personal tragedies as a result of these global events, or localized events...the unexpected death of a loved one; the three-month old child alleged to have been thrown off a bridge by her parent; financial loss, foreclosure, unemployment...all due to the economic crisis.


When I review theses events in my mind, I'm almost at a loss for words, but my heart and spirit cry out..."Lord, help us!" then I heard a still voice reminding me the Jesus is coming soon. We have lived to see the scriptures fulfilled: earthquakes in divers places, wars and rumors of wars, children turning on their parents, parents turning on their children, the shortening of the day... When we seen these things, look up.


No one knows the day or the hour that the Lord will come, but we DO KNOW that he will come. The signs suggest that he's coming sooner than later, and we must prepare for his coming. In the meantime, as we observe the signs of the times and live through them, we must continue to pray. Pray for mercy, compassion, intercession, miracles of healing, increased faith...adding to our faith virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness and  righteousness. We must prayer for answers and our acceptance of the answers. We must pray for souls seeking salvation and those who don't even care about their soul. We must pray for recovery: recovery from tragedy -  post traumatic stress, mental illness, physical injuries, spiritual injuries, and emotional injuries.


We must pray for unity in the Body of Christ, especially as the spirit of the anti-christ roams through the earth seeking whom he can devour. We must pray for strength and courage to uphold a standard of holiness and righteousness, and to endure hard times. We must pray...


Today (whatever day you read this post), take a moment to pray. Speak the words of healing of nations recovering from natural tragedies. Speak words of healing and deliverance  for individual and personal tragedies...some of which you know and have experienced, and some you haven't. Speak words of faith, hope and charity . God is listening...He hears, and He will answer.


        He hears...and He will answer



New Year Blessings

Posted by Rev. Michele on January 9, 2010 at 1:09 PM Comments comments (11)

The New Year comes with many shouts of joy for the things left behind, and the anticipated things to come. We look forward to the refreshing of the Holy Spirit, and the elevation of ministries.


Comfort and Joy Online Ministries is also going to a new level. The Lord instructed me to incorporate the ministry as a non-for-profit organization. It is a non-traditional ministry of helps. The process of incorporation is all new to me, but I declare that the Holy Spirit will lead me in what and how I must do what needs to be done.


I'm also anticipating the expansion of the ministry through radio and internet media. God has a plan! I'm just going to go along with what He already has in place.


This is the year to say, "YES, LORD." So say "YES."


Also, in the works are several publishing pieces. I plan to complete "Blackberry's Wine" (an inspirational romance novel),  and a 31-day devotional for CJ Ministries.  I'm excited!!!


We're going to stay in prayer about these new projects and hope that you will too.

Let God arise in your life today.


Please join me in intercession for the following, and anyone or cause you want to add to the list.


1) Sister Pash (True Caribbean Radio, Host)

2) Shantrese (bereavement)

3) Charmaine (spiritual direction)

4) Thomas Jones

5) My Barbados Connection

6) Upper Room Tabernacle of Joy

7) Bishop Del P. Shields

8) The Military Families

9) Our young men and women fighting overseas

10) Young girls caught up in gangs, and young men who run to gangs for acceptance

11) Churches around the world that proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

12) Debt restoration and financial freedom

13) Salvation and restoration

14) Rev. Hanif and the Get Over It Ministry

15) Children of Blended Families


The Protection of God

Posted by Rev. Michele on September 23, 2009 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (0)

"He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler" (Psalm 91:4).


So many things are happening in the body of Christ these days. Sometimes its difficult to believe what we're hearing. Yet we know that as the endtime draws near, we are to expect calamity, devastation, uprisings within families, spiritual warfare and an increase of false prophets, teachers and doctrines. God's word lets us know that these things will come upon us. Therefore, we should not be shocked at the hearing or seeing of them.  yet, we are. Our human nature often succombs to the shock and surprise of them.


This morning, I share a word of encouragement with you to let you know that even though trouble is happening all around us, and even within our own bodies...sickness may have come...God is our Protector. Paslm 91 is a wonderful reminder of his protection and love for those who choose to believe in him...those who choose to stand under the shadow of his wings of protection.


God is our Protector, and he's dispatched a host of angels to protect our soul from the enemies' reach. Even if our bodies experience the natural course of age and deterioration (as the body is merely flesh that is destined to return to dust), God gives us strength and comfort and joy to endure the process. And he keeps our soul in tack for that great day of spiritual resurrection.


I encourage you to trust God is everything you are currently confronted with. Every affliction is under the Blood of Jesus. Every mental, emotional, and physical condition is under the Blood of Jesus. Our Lord shed his blood for the healing of nations. We are the nation of believeres that he came to same, love and heal. So be the name of Jesus. Be the name of Jesus. Be the name of Jesus.


Let ' keep a prayerful heart for the members of the body of Christ that are enduring afflictions in their body. A few saints have shared with me their issues and prayer requests. Please extend yourself just a little while and pray for them...and anyone else that comes to mind.  Pray that God will strengthen them and their families as they endure.  We know that all things are working gotether for the good of them who love the lord and are called according to his purpose. However, we sometimes get discouraged waiting to see the GOOD that will come out of a bad situation, especially when it comes to our health and well being. But I believe God will do exactly what he says he will do. He will keep us...he will heal us...and he will protect us. Do you believe?




Lord we come before your presence with humble thanksgiving. We honor you, and we love you. Our hearts go out today for the many brothers and sisters who are enduring afflictions in their body. Some don't understand why, and are having a hard time believing in you. some have been moved to anger because they don't understand why these afflictions have come upon them. Though we don't have the answers, you do. We know that you are working something out within them, but we don't know what. So Lord, if you would, please give them peace of mind in the process, and help them to understand that your ways are not like ours; your wisdom supercedes our own, and your grace, merc and compassion is eternal.


Help them to be strong as they endure treatment, or get the doctor's report. Help them to keep the faith and not give up hope, or trust in you. We pray for their strength in spirit, and that you cover them with your wings of protection so that the enemy will not deceive them and attempt to steal their soul, their faith and their joy. We pray for a rally of spiritual support that exemplifies human love, and the love you have for your people. We pray for divine healing, if it be thy will, for your name same sake and your honor and glory. And in all things, we pray your divine will be the name of Jesus. Amen.




1) Victoria's son

2) Pop Taylor

3) Deborah R.

4) Marcus W.

5) Bill W.

6) Rev. Justine

7) Brother Cliff

8) Brother Ray

9) Jestine M.

10) Gladys R.

11) Bishop Shields

12) Mother B.

13) Pastors and leaders everywhere

14) Gabby P.

15) Aunt Helen

16) Geraldine T.

17) Nkosi J.

18) Mother Brown

19) Mother T.

20) Donna W.

21) Miriam C.

22) Brian L.

23) Thomas J.

24) Geneva J.

25) Marilyn H.

26) Jared H.

27) Pearl P. 

28) Deborah D & Family

29) Zion Gospel Church

30) All persons added by the viewers of this blog


Posted by revmichele on August 11, 2009 at 10:03 PM Comments comments (0)

Praise the Lord,


I know it's been some time since I've last posted. No excuse! But the prayers have continued to be placed on the altar.


God is so very good to all of us, and our day-to-day testimonies tell of his goodness.


This week I'm asking you to please pray for the following people:


1) Randy - who is on dialasys

2) Valerie Taylor Parker - for wisdom and direction as the Lord develops her ministry of encouragement

3) The Watkins family - continued healing

4) Stewart McCleary - suffered a stroke (and pray for the family)

5) Shawn Blair - a mother's request for her son

6) Michele Barron - in ICU

7) Jerome Clifton - in hospital

8) Bishop Shields - continued healing

9) Overseas Ministries, local ministries, new ministries

10) Young Professionals in ministry

11) College students
12) Comfort and Joy Ministries


Your prayers are always needed and appreciated.


God bless you!

Prayer Chain

Posted by revmichele on June 1, 2009 at 9:32 PM Comments comments (0)

The Lord bless you and keep you today and every day.


This week we are adding to the prayer list the following people and situations:


1) Jasmine Brown Mitchell ( Baby Epiphany was taken home to be with the Lord)


2) Alice H. God grant her peace and happiness in the days to come. Work out every financial situation and give her direction on how to handle her business. Protect her as she travels to and from work and on the highways to her various destinations. Bless her daughters and provide for their every need.


3) Mother Beverly. Lord, it's not always easy to take a stand for what we believe is right. Please give her thecourage to stand. Allow her eyes to see  the results of her prayers and to know that her labor is not in vain.


4)The girls. Lord you know how the adversary attacked the financial system concerning the girls. Please intervene and restore that which was destroyed by the canker worm. What the deveil meant for evil, you are able to turn it for their good. Turn it around, Lord, and show your mighty hand.


5) Our brothers and sisters in the Episcopal church visited in the Bahamas.  We pray your blessings on the body of Christ in the Bahamas. Father, please provide for their ministry so that they can continue to minister to your people. Thank you for their labor in the field. Encourage them and send in willing workers who will go into the community seeking those in need of salvation. Build the ministry and strengthen the leaders.


6) Bless the various men's fellowships that have recently emerged. Strengthen our men and give them the boldness to stand  up for righteousness and evangelize. Save our men and teach them to work diligently in the kingdom of God, to be good husbands and fathers, providers and caregivers, leaders and mentors.


Father, please consider the prayers that have gone forth for the many people whose names are not mentioned. Send healing to the spirit of the backslider and restore their relationship with you. Encourage the lonely and tender hearted so that they can gain strength. Anoint the pastors and keep them focused on your divine plan for YOUR people. Not their will, but Yours.


Bless the hands of every doctor who performs surgery this week, every nurse who provides assistance and bed-side care, every attendent, orderly and administrator. Bless the medical providers and insurance companies with a mind to be honest and fair in all of their dealings and administrations. Cause them to show compassion when they would rather not.


Lord we thank you. We praise you and adore you. Forgive us of our sins and help us to overcome our weaknesses. We ar depending on you, Father. Please hear our prayer and help us to accept your divine will for our lives and in the matters specified in this prayer. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

Prayer for Rev. Calvin Hunt

Posted by revmichele on May 13, 2009 at 7:48 PM Comments comments (0)

Dear Lord,


You are our Heavenly Father in whom we trust. You are the God that heals.

Father, we look to you today for healing. Send your healing virtue to Rev. Hunt. Touch his body with your hand of healing, and if it be thy will perform a miracle and disolve the growth.


However, Lord, if you choose to send healing through the skilled hands of a surgeon,  I pray that every trace of the growth be removed. Let him have a rapid and thorough recovery.


Father, we trust you and know that you do all things well. So we praise you and glorify you right now. We lift our brother up before you and praise you for what you have already done and are about to do. Thank you for encouraging him through your Word and through the support of friends and family. We speak victory in the name of Jesus and anticipate the praise report. Thank you Jesus. Hallelujah and Amen.

Prayer Chain

Posted by revmichele on May 13, 2009 at 6:51 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus.


God is so good, kind and merciful. We are a blessed people, and it's the Lord who blesses us.


Several prayer requests were received over the past few weeks. If you would, please extend a prayer for the follow people.


1) Baby Epiphany Mitchell (born 4/15/09 at one pound one ounce)

2) Shaneeta Owens (returned home from recent hospitalization)

3) Christopher and Steven Bauer (experienced a difficult Mother's Day because their mom passed away three years ago on May 10th)

4) Audry Forde (son died in a car crash 12/11/05. Thoughts of her this Mother's Day season)

5) Keith Lopez (has an aneurysm near his heart and will soon undergo surgery)

6) Rev. Calvin Hunt (malignant growth near his lung)

7) Thomas Jones, Jr. and Geneva Jones (father/husband passed away)


Send your prayer requests to


Be strong and keep the faith.