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The Protection of God

Posted by Rev. Michele on September 23, 2009 at 5:20 AM

"He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler" (Psalm 91:4).


So many things are happening in the body of Christ these days. Sometimes its difficult to believe what we're hearing. Yet we know that as the endtime draws near, we are to expect calamity, devastation, uprisings within families, spiritual warfare and an increase of false prophets, teachers and doctrines. God's word lets us know that these things will come upon us. Therefore, we should not be shocked at the hearing or seeing of them.  yet, we are. Our human nature often succombs to the shock and surprise of them.


This morning, I share a word of encouragement with you to let you know that even though trouble is happening all around us, and even within our own bodies...sickness may have come...God is our Protector. Paslm 91 is a wonderful reminder of his protection and love for those who choose to believe in him...those who choose to stand under the shadow of his wings of protection.


God is our Protector, and he's dispatched a host of angels to protect our soul from the enemies' reach. Even if our bodies experience the natural course of age and deterioration (as the body is merely flesh that is destined to return to dust), God gives us strength and comfort and joy to endure the process. And he keeps our soul in tack for that great day of spiritual resurrection.


I encourage you to trust God is everything you are currently confronted with. Every affliction is under the Blood of Jesus. Every mental, emotional, and physical condition is under the Blood of Jesus. Our Lord shed his blood for the healing of nations. We are the nation of believeres that he came to same, love and heal. So be the name of Jesus. Be the name of Jesus. Be the name of Jesus.


Let ' keep a prayerful heart for the members of the body of Christ that are enduring afflictions in their body. A few saints have shared with me their issues and prayer requests. Please extend yourself just a little while and pray for them...and anyone else that comes to mind.  Pray that God will strengthen them and their families as they endure.  We know that all things are working gotether for the good of them who love the lord and are called according to his purpose. However, we sometimes get discouraged waiting to see the GOOD that will come out of a bad situation, especially when it comes to our health and well being. But I believe God will do exactly what he says he will do. He will keep us...he will heal us...and he will protect us. Do you believe?




Lord we come before your presence with humble thanksgiving. We honor you, and we love you. Our hearts go out today for the many brothers and sisters who are enduring afflictions in their body. Some don't understand why, and are having a hard time believing in you. some have been moved to anger because they don't understand why these afflictions have come upon them. Though we don't have the answers, you do. We know that you are working something out within them, but we don't know what. So Lord, if you would, please give them peace of mind in the process, and help them to understand that your ways are not like ours; your wisdom supercedes our own, and your grace, merc and compassion is eternal.


Help them to be strong as they endure treatment, or get the doctor's report. Help them to keep the faith and not give up hope, or trust in you. We pray for their strength in spirit, and that you cover them with your wings of protection so that the enemy will not deceive them and attempt to steal their soul, their faith and their joy. We pray for a rally of spiritual support that exemplifies human love, and the love you have for your people. We pray for divine healing, if it be thy will, for your name same sake and your honor and glory. And in all things, we pray your divine will be the name of Jesus. Amen.




1) Victoria's son

2) Pop Taylor

3) Deborah R.

4) Marcus W.

5) Bill W.

6) Rev. Justine

7) Brother Cliff

8) Brother Ray

9) Jestine M.

10) Gladys R.

11) Bishop Shields

12) Mother B.

13) Pastors and leaders everywhere

14) Gabby P.

15) Aunt Helen

16) Geraldine T.

17) Nkosi J.

18) Mother Brown

19) Mother T.

20) Donna W.

21) Miriam C.

22) Brian L.

23) Thomas J.

24) Geneva J.

25) Marilyn H.

26) Jared H.

27) Pearl P. 

28) Deborah D & Family

29) Zion Gospel Church

30) All persons added by the viewers of this blog

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