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Remember Me

Posted by Rev. Michele on May 31, 2010 at 8:21 AM

Lord, when you come into your kingdom, remember me.


It's Memorial Day here in the US. Many are spending the day at a BBQ, visiting family, sharing good times and remembering loved one gone on. Particularly those brave men and women who have fought and died for our rights to freedom.


So today, I ask that while you are enjoying the delicious grilled feasts, the company of friends and family, the glorious splender of the warm sun beating down on your skin, take time to say a prayer for the families of fallen soldiers. And while you're at it, please take time to pray for the men and women on the battle field for The Lord.


God's army is marching forward into the kingdom of Satan in order to conquer the mountains of unforgiveness, religion, entetainment, government, education, family, business, poverty, immorality, sickness, spiritual weakness and so much more.


In your prayers today, please keep in mind the thief that hung on the cross next to our Savior. He recognized that in his brokenness, there was a man who preached about the Kingdom of God. This man, was without sin and didn't deserve to the thief did. But this thier believed that at the end of his life, there might possibly be life in the Kingdom of God. the Kingdom of which Christ preached. So he uttered these simple words, Lord when you come into your kingdom, remembe me.


Today I share these same words as a memorial. Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, you can ask for forgiveness. You can acknowledge Christ as the king of Kings and Lord of Lords. You can ask the Savior to remember you and receive the same response as the thief on the cross...Today, thou shalt be with me in paradise. 


Today, you can share a prayer of intercession for the worriers on the fields of Iraq, Afganistan, Somalia, and so many other countries that US soldiers are stationed. You can share a prayer of intercession for the worriers of God's army who are on the fields of many lands fighting spiritual battles as well as physical battles for the right to believe in Christ.  Today, you can ask God to REMEMBER his promises to every believer. Today, you can ask God to REMEMBER ME as you travel through life's journey into the Kingdom of God.


Grace and peace be multiplied.



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