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Posted by Rev. Michele on July 6, 2010 at 6:36 AM

Welcome to July.


Tough we're several days into the month, I wanted to welcome you to the month of Freedom. Yes, July celebrates our nation's independence and declaration of freedom. In this vein, I encourage you to consider your own declaration of freedom.


To begin with, we are free in Christ who's given us liberty. In him we stand fast in our liberty from sin and eternal damnation, free from the traditions of worship and expression of our religious beliefs, free from the daily temptations that can so easily bind us and cause us to sin. Yes, my brothers and sisters, we are free.


While we consider our own freedom, let us also consider those in the faith who are yet bound by political conditions that still control their ability to openly worship God in truth. Let us pray for those who have been forced to practice their belief in Jesus Christ behind the mask of indifference. Let us pray for those who have endured persecution for Christ sake in order to get the Good News spread abroad in regions where Christianity is demonized.


And in our liberty, let us pray for the many conditions that have plagued our world. I speak specifically of the earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, and other natural disasters that have consumed and destroyed nations, homes, people of all races and nationales--leaving many homeless and hopeless. I speak of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexic that sontinues to spew out millions of gallons of oil every day leaving many families destitute and in need of relief because their livelihoods have been cut off. Yes, I speak of the many seaman and fishermen's families, and businesses that have gone under because of this man-made disaster. What is considered the largest environmental disaster in the history of our nation...that continues to grow...has destroyed thousands, if not millions of wildlife, destroying an already damaged eco-system. Not to mention the black tar invading the seacoast and beaches.


Pray this morning for the freedom of choice in how to deal with these disasters and conditions that we cannot escape. Pray that individuals and families will find hope in a seemingly hopeless situation, and choose to freely call upon the name of the Lord for help.  Pray that freedom will ring in the hearts and minds of those suffering right now because of the conditions in the world whether natural or man-made--for truly, no matter what the condition, we can choose to be free in mind, heart and spirit. We are free to choose to live and not die within although external circumstances may dictate destruction.


Yes, in this month of liberty, let us pray that we as a people will come to know the liberty of Christ in every situaiton we face...even in tring times.


We serve a God who loves us and cares. So I know that He will step in right on time to bring solution and closure to what the world now faces as tragedies. I know that as we freely worship him and call upon his name to intervene, he will gladly show favor and come to our aide. I know that it is our free choice to invoke the presence of the master in our circumstances and in our national and global concerns. So let us freely invite him in. This is our ultimate call upon his name with hope, faith and expectation that he can and will step in right on time.


Let freedom ring, let freedom all that we do, think and believe...let freedom ring.


God bless.



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