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"For the gifts and calling of God are without repentence" (Romans 11:29).



God breathed, and man became a living soul. With one breath, God deposited into mankind His "Charisma" (spiritual endowment, a divine gratuity, deliverance from danger or passion). He freely gave to mankind a portion of His own spirit as an unmerited gift to warn us against the presence of danger, to deliver us from the evils of this world and to guard our soul from the lustful passions of our own carnal mind.


God's breath (His spirit) and "Charisma" (divine gifts) within us warns us of the potential evil we may encounter until such time when we consciously and willfully make a decision to accept Jesus Christ as our savior. When we accept Jesus into our heart and receive God's "pneuma" (the Holy Spirit internalized), we are filled with the ability to operated in the spirit and to utilize the spiritual gifts that lie dormant within us. (Spiritual Endowment, pp 1 & 2)



God breathed into man, and man received the creativity of God that enables us to fulfill our human potential and spiritual destiny. We did nothing to merit spiritual endowment from the Lord. Our spiritual gifts are inherent. They exist within us because God breathed them into us. Therefore, it is important to understand that we are endowed with spiritual gifts without having repentance. God did not require man t o repent at creation in order to receive divine gratuity. It was only after the Fall of Man that repentance was required. Prior to the Fall, repentance was not necessary. We are, therefore, spiritually gifted by nature of our hamun inheritance, and not by our desire to be godly sorry. (Gifted by Nature, pp 2 &3)



Spiritual gifts are divine, the giver of the gifts is divine and the purpose of the gifts is divine. Spiritual gifts require nurturing, wisdom in their use, and the discipline of prayer and fasting. Submit yourself to discipline and sacrifice and deny the lusts of the flesh so that the Spirit of God can live in you and teach you all things relevant to the gifts within you. Allow yourself to be taught and nurtured by those who have experience.

Remember that the deceiver is always lurking about. You will be under constant attack by demonic forces that want to steal God's glory through the vice of self-glorification and pride, kill your spiritual gifts before they are nurtured and matured, and destroy the good within the gift and turn its use towards evil.



Let God arise in you so that the demons will scatter. Let the Holy Spirit control your spiritual gifts and teach you to use them with reverence and respect towards God. We are wonderfully and marvelously made in the image of God. To be young and gifted is an honor and a privilege. (It is also a responsibility. ) God has bestowed this honor upon us before the foundation of the earth was lain. I pray that we will express our gratitude for such a gratuity. May God continue to be merciful and turn every adverse situation into an opportunity for The Making of You. (Divine Purpose, pg 34)





1) Do you remember any childhood experiences that helped you to identify your spiritual gifts?


2) Do you recall any dreams and visions you had as a child that came true?


3) Are you hiding your spiritual gifts, or misuing them?


4) Are you ashamed of your testimony? There's no need for shame. Your testimony is a blessing of deliverance for someone else. Tell it!



This is my prayer:



Lord, thou art God. You blessed us from the beginning of time. You knew us before we were conceived, and you knew your purposed for our lives. You gave to us a part of yourself when we didn't even know you. You placed your spirit within us for a holy and divine purpose. Thank you, Lord, for your graciousness.



I ask you to help us, Father, to understand and accept the spiritual gifts that you have entrusted to our care. Help us to understand how the experiences you've allowed us to have were purposed to nurture and develop our spiritual gifts for Kindom work. Help us to be mindful not to abuse the gifts in ourselves or in others.



Father, impart in us discernment to know when the gifts are motivated by your Holy Sprirt and when they are guided by Satanic incluence. Help us to see Satan's deceptions and teach us how to respond appropriately. Bind the spirit of vanity, pride and self-glory within us that seeks to steal your glory.



We submit ourselves to your spirit. We submit yourselves to your will. Use us, Lord, according to your divine purpose. Amen. ( pg 36)



(Excerpts from The Making of You, by Rev. Michele Taylor)

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