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Blackberry's Wine


Dory wanted to love again, but didn’t see it happening any time soon. Besides (she thought), who would want a middle-aged divorcee with deep-rooted trust issues? Then one night, a silent prayer at a local gospel concert turned her world upside down.

Can she, by faith, overcome her fears, insecurity, jealousy, anger, temptation, and the haunting secrets of her past in order to allow herself to experience the purity of a sweet encounter with an unlikely suitor?

And then there’s Mark—young, gentle, passionate; full of life, love and the Holy Spirit. Tainted by the hurt of a love-gone-wrong, commitment is a foreign word in his vocabulary. Yet, there’s a gnawing void in his heart that longs to be filled.

Can a head-strong, independent woman and a spontaneous, free-spirited man find love in each other and start a new life together? Will their personal convictions and Christian values be the strength, or derailment of the relationship?

Blackberry's Wine is an edgy inspirational romance novel filled with prayer, encouragement, honesty, hope, faith and transformation.

Available at , and your favorite online bookstore. Michele-Jackson-Taylor/dp/1477210407/ref =sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=michele+ja ckson+taylor&qid=1600305692&s=bo oks&sr=1-1

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