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The Making of You


We are wonderfully and fearlly made (in the image of God), yet it is through adversity that  we learn to grow in grace unto spiritual maturity. 

The Making of You will help you in your journey. You'll find answers to many questions you may have had about spiritual gifts in your childhood, turning points, crossroads, turning hopelessness into hopefulness, overcoming church hurt, understanding salvation, leaving the faith and restoring your faith, travailing to triumph, accepting "the call," and walking in obedience to God's divine will. 

This book speaks to new converts, seasoned believers; non believers; seekers; wonderers; wanderers, steadfast and unmoveable saints, drifitng and questioning saints; seekers of deliverance; anyone who believes they're called to ministry; anyone who thinks they can't make it; anyone who knows the only reason they've made it is because of Christ.

It will inspire you, cause you to think and motivate you to stay with God!

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