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Get Over It: A down to earth look at the issues of Christian divorce and remarriage


Divorce and remarriage are taboo subjects that many Christian churches teach us to pretend don't exist.  Get Over It! is a labor of love that gives insight into the issues and emotions people face as divorced children of God.  This book will ministe to those who have asked themselves, "I am divorced, now what? Do I dry up? Do I hide my head in shame like a leper? How do I go on when my life is a wreck? How do I respond to people who question my salvation because I am divorced? Where do I find answers when the church won't even acknowledge my Pain?"

The simple message of this book is Get Over It!  Get over people's attitudes, doctrinal debates, your hurts, your fears, unforgiveness, feelings of rejection, anger, bitterness, low self-esteem, guilt, depression, even thoughts of suicide or murder. When you move on with your life, God will turn your pain into power; your tears into jou; your defeat into victory. You will move from victim to more than a conqueror.

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