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"God Answers Prayers."

Comfort and Joy Prayer Ministry

"God answers prayer" is our tagline because we know that He's a prayer-answering God.  We all experience highs and lows in life, and prayer has made a difference. He's answered many of our prayers, and I believe He's answered many of yours, too. When you least expected it, the problem was solved, and the issue resolved.

Prayer helps to get through hard times, rough times, somber times and reflective times. Prayers of Thanksgiving helps us to celebrate life, joyous times, friends, family, and successful. Prayers of Intercession brings deliverance, healing and help to others. Prayers of Forgiveness helps to release anger and hurt, mental and emotional anguish, heartache and heartbreaks. Prayer opens us to receive the comfort and joy that only God can give.

Comfort and Joy Prayer Ministry presents opportunities for prayer. Make your prayer request known, and we will pray with you and for you. Anonymity is your choice. You never have to leave a name or personal information unless you want to.

The Lord already knows what's in your heart. We're here simply to touch and agree with you in prayer (with what is right and appropriate), to intercede on your behalf and the behalf of others, and to provide spiritual guidance and support.

You are welcome to send an e-mail for personal and confidential prayer. E-mail your prayer requests to: You can add a prayer or prayer request to the Blog so that viewers can join in the prayer and leave words of encouragement. 

Viewers and Bloggers are asked to keep the language and content clean; profanity, racial slurs, shaming or sexually charged content are unacceptable. No solicitations, please. (Thank you.)

 Prayer Call Schedule 2018

Call-in Number: 641-715-0861   -   Access Code: 307205#

T-Mobil & MetroPCS Call-in Number: 857-216-6741

 January 30

February 27

March 27

April 24

May 29

June 26

July - Summer Break

August - Summer Break

September 25

October 30

November 27

December 18

Disclaimer: Comfort and Joy Prayer Ministry does not receive financial compensation in exchange for  prayer.  We are not a counseling service, provide prayer and spiritual guidance.  If an individual appears to be in need of mental health services, we will recommend professional counseling. The results of prayers and spiritual guidance rendered is subject to the actions of the individual and the divine Will of God.  As such, Comfort and Joy Ministries cannot be held liable for the outcome.   Confidentiality is respected and adhered to. However, information disclosed that implies self-harm or endangerment to others (such as abuse, neglect or maltreatment of a minor or elderly person) will be reported to local athorities, the State Central Registry or Elder Abuse hotline. 


















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